The Gift of a Lifetime!

The Encore Society of the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra honors individuals who, through estate planning, have established bequests, trust and other legacy gifts to the BRSO Endowment.  The generosity of each Encore Society member ensures the continued vitality and growth of BRSO from one generation to the next.  They make extraordinary, living gifts to loved ones, futures audiences and to our community.  If you have named BRSO in your estate plans, you are already a member!  Let us know!

Who are the members of the Encore Society? 

  • Community leaders and arts advocates who believe that through their philanthropic support they can benefit BRSO in transformational ways.

  • Accomplished art-lovers who represent a culture of shared values, goals and a love of classical music that characterizes the very best of BRSO.

  • Like-minded individuals who invest because they are convicted that BRSO presents opportunities for inspiration, growth in creativity and connection building that benefit our community in the immediate and in years to come.


  • Barbara and Camp Matens

  • Alma McGrew *

  • Marcia and Roger Moser

  • Sally * and Richard Norem

  • Janice and Gerald Pellar

  • Jeanette and Robert Rackley

  • Betty and Harvey Schwartzberg

  • Deborah Dunlevy Todd

  • Evelyn B. Tracy *

  • Miriam & Stephen R.* Bensman, Ph.Ds

  • Mae Calvin Belton*

  • Cindy & Lee Bloch

  • Robert R. Casey*

  • Melanie & Russ Chapman, Ph.D

  • Margaret and Butch Hart

  • Meredith Hathorn & Rawley Penick

  • Sarah Lou Hill*

  • Dr. Abba Kastin

  • Edith Kirkpatrick *

During the 2019-20 Season, the Encore Society is proudly sponsored by the Law Office of M. Janice Villarrubia, LLC

For more information on becoming an Encore Society member, or to let us know that you are already a member, please contact Eric Marshall (225) 246-7894 or