BRSO Presents: Link Up The Orchestra Rocks in partnership with the Weill Music Institute.

Here you will find all the materials you will need to prepare your students for Link Up The Orchestra Rocks. You can choose to teach either the instrumental or vocal parts…or both! You don’t need to use a recorder, ANY instrument will do!

For an extra challenge, teach your instrumentalist the “Recorder Star” parts, which are the same as the vocal parts below.

Click on each part to download:

Anvil Chorus - Basic Recorder/Instrumental Part

Anvil Chorus - Vocal Part (Recorder Star/Instrumental part)

In the Field Stood a Birch Tree - Basic Recorder/Instrumental Part

In the Field Stood a Birch Tree - Vocal Part
(“Star” Recorder/Instrumental part)
This part also includes the Dance of the Adolescents - Rhythm Challenge!