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Today we look to a future that invites new audiences and new sounds, that focuses not only on music, but on impact. Your partnership can help us get there.

Please join us this year as a Visionary Society Member!


This year the Baton Rouge Symphony has expanded its group of sustaining donors called the Visionary Society to include anyone who makes a three-year pledge of $100 or more per year. Special thanks to the following donors who have made three-year pledges in support of the Symphony’s continued pursuit of excellence in both artistic performance and community engagement.

Dr. Althea Ashe

Pamela & Greg Baldwin

Mae* & Wesley Belton

Terry W. & Mary D. Bennett

Cindy and Brad Black

Mr. Steven Boone

Dr. & Mrs. J. Gardiner Bourque

Eleanor Callon

Jeff & Debbye Calmes

Robert R. Casey

Melanie & Russell Chapman, PhD

Renee Chatelain

Juanita M. Coutee

Bob Carney & Jeanne Davis

Wayne & Marilyn Davis

BEBE Facundus

Caroline Flint, MD

Debbie & Jim Hanna

Dr. & Mrs. John T. Harvey

Meredith Hathorn & Rawley Penick

Ava & Cordell Haymon

Sarah Lou Hill

Hester & Terry Hubbs

Enrique & Kelly Hurtado

Patrick & Eleanor Owen Kerr

Alice & Lawrence Kronenberger

Charles & Carole Lamar

Debbie Lamb

Billie & Todd Lemmiksoo

Polly & Conville Lemoine

David Lindenfeld

John & Wanda Loupe

Megan & Blue Loupe

Barbara & Camp Matens

Andrew & Anne Maverick

Harriet Babin Miller

Jerry Lynn & Jeff Mills, Jr.

Carol Moore

Elise & Timothy Muffitt

Drs. Kirk & Judith Patrick

Janice & Gerald Pellar

Robin & Lynn Philippe, DDS

Ewell & Karen Poirrier

Davis & Elisabeth Prescott

Alexis & Erich Rapp

A. Ravi Prakash Rau

Anne & Al Rotenberg

Victor & Esther Sachse

David Shaler

Frank & Marcy Simoneaux

Kirsten Stone

Gay Marie Story, MD

Diane & Johnny Tate


Joy and Tim Tsai

Clay Turner

Bud & Julia Tweedy

Richard & Susan Webb

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dudley Williams, Sr.

Ronda Zucco

Matthew Zyjewski

Special thanks to the Irene W. and C. B. Pennington Foundation for inspiring the Baton Rouge Symphony to establish the Visionary Society in 2015.

 For more information on the Visionary Society and other giving opportunities, please contact Clay Turner, Development Coordinator. clay@brso.org (225) 400-0339

CLICK HERE to print your Visionary Society Pledge Card